Leadership Monitoring Deshboard
Reach Internal alignment
Amount of people accessing information in the company
  • E-mail
  • WebSite
Amount of BBYINC businesses joining network
Amount of new joiners in the social change
leadership network
  • Individuals
  • Institutional
Amount of sites being aligned to Merchandise approach
Number of messages sent through mobile services
  • alignment with mobile service providers
Access rate to support functions
Amount of people reached in remote areas
  • Awareness campaign/ advocacy capacity

Grant management Partnerships
Dollars donated from Fund Public-private initiates
Dollar committed by respective process
owners/sites + businesses/ other
Collaboration rate with NGOs/ UN nations
Absorptive capacity (Percentage spent
vs percentage received)
Amount of social change facilitators listed and part of network
Funds Gathered from PPF Amount of Private consortium driven interventions
Funds given to related activities/ extension
support to various NGOs
Tie ups with key academia and thought leadership providers.

Translation to business
Amount of interventions that led to financial gains
Average Return on Investment on positive interventions
Dollar value of social marketing agenda