Holostic Approach to Health

Holistic medicine attempts to treat all the systems of the being: the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit. The holistic approach brings balance and harmony to the entire structure by paying attention to the specific parts and systems of the body. The symptoms are analyzed to identify the existing problem/s that are affecting the parts and then treated with the whole-being in mind rather than treating only the parts that exhibit the symptoms. The Holistic Approach deals with all of the life force energy available, which includes the physical and the energetic aspects.

The human body as a whole is made up of many parts, each of which is dependent upon the other for a balanced functioning of the system as a whole. Each system is interdependent upon the other. It’s called looking at the bigger picture. Something we do that affects the whole is that we absorb, digest, and inhale toxins every day. These toxins develop free radicals (oxidation, which is rust in the body). Unless we offset the free radicals with anti-oxidants, our bodies will rust from the inside out. As we mature, our body continually changes; remove one critical molecule, or let one cancer cell become a rogue, and the entire structure changes.

From a Holistic stand-point the balance that everyone is looking for comes from:

*A good diet, plenty of rest, re-learning how to breath effectively, drinking good water every day, learning how to handle stress, having a good exercise program and learning how to turn your life over to a Higher Power.