Application Of Color Energy In Medicine
Color Energy

Throughout history man has used the sun's energy as medicine. The sick were brought out into the sun to help restore their health. The ancient Egyptians, Greek and Chinese all used the color therapy but they differentiated in the application of the color energy.

quiet revolution is occurring today in the way we think about our energy, what color clothes we wear, how color and light can heal or harm our bodies. You will not read about it in the popular press. It is not making headlines in newspapers. You will not see it on the evening news. Yet it is every bit as significant as the development of antibiotics by Sir Alexander Fleming or Jonas Salk's vaccine for polio.


Color is not just an appearance to feast on, a semblance to please the visual sense, but, is the expression of the chemical nature of a material, indicating like a semaphore, the various energies that object is able to radiate. Color is the Almighty's language, for representing what is within the potency, by outward manifestation; Color is Power, Color is Light of fixed specific frequency in oscillatory medium, endowed with spiral gyrations.