Collabration Room
Concept :

Collaboration room is an innovative platform which brings together stakeholders to discuss about various personal performance issues. The room gives access for instant messenger for direct interactions between common stakeholders and also gives a facility which is called SUGGESTION BOX for learning's and others that take place in various conversations.

Our Collaboration Room will segmented into the following discussion room :

1. Member Discussion room : this is a monthly interactive session between board members on key interventions that can be taken in a pre-determined topic based on annual calendar.

2. Affiliate discussion room : Affiliates will be able to log on to the system and discuss some of the up an coming challenges and opportunities that lie in their respective partnership areas , following the Global BBYINC agenda.

3. Agents networking: respective direct marketers can use the system to transfer ideas from one geographic area to another.

Each will be giving discussion guidelines and in their respective areas. The information gathered from area level s suggestion box will be processed by board and captured and placed in respective discussion room.


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