Bio-Energy (Aura Image) Reports

Consciousness, thoughts and emotions are actual energetic structures within an individual’s etheric aura field which can affect mind, body and spirit well being. The colors are all there in the aura; some shine more strongly; those people who are in good health, others are dull; those people who are in poor health people with negative thoughts depression and anxiety etc… Different from your "favorite" color, your aura is the color whose properties best define who you are. Each color has distinct characteristics and qualities--a unique "personality"--that relates uniquely to different types of people. All matter, both physical and subtle, has frequency. Matter of different frequencies can coexist in the same space. The etheric and physical bodies, being of different frequencies, overlap and coexist within the same space. Atlanteans recognized that the source of a disease lay not in the physical but in a higher body. Therefore they always cured the higher body, not the physical.

Chakra Percentage(s) Analysis (Baseline): Chakra Percentage(s) Analysis (After):
Crown 45% Slightly Low Energy Crown 59% High Average Energy
Brow 51% Average Energy Brow 62% Optimum Energy
Throat 44% Slightly Low Energy Throat 66% Optimum Energy
Heart 60% Optimum Energy Heart 74% Optimum Energy
Solar Plexus 62% Optimum Energy Solar Plexus 75% Optimum Energy
Spleen 53% Average Energy Spleen 73% Optimum Energy
Root 41% Slightly Low Energy Root 47% Slightly Low Energy
Arithmetic mean = 50.8% Arithmetic mean = 65.1%
  • Excessive energy vibration is between 90% to 100% ( escapism, overly emotional / experiencing physical pain)
  • Very high energy vibration is between 80% to 89% ( distrusting / physical pain and discomfort)
  • averageenergy vibration is between 70% to 79% (healthy mind and body with intuitive abilities)
  • Optimum energy vibration is between 60% to 69% (healthy mind and body with reserve energy)
  • Low average energy vibration is between 50% to 59% (healthy mind and body, intellectual abilities)
  • Low energy vibration is between 40% to 49% (skeptic and irrational, physical body discomfort)
  • Very low energy vibration is between 30% to 39% (tired and irritable, experiencing physical aches and pain)
  • Extremely low energy vibration is between 20% to 29% (anger / strong inflammations, infections and sickness)
  • Extreme energy deficiency is between 10% to 19% (negative thoughts, fear / physical illness)
  • Depleted energy vibration is between 0% to 9% (denial, grief, depression / serious physical illness)
Bio Enrgy

Bio Enrgy