2012 Disaster

The director of the "2012" Sony Picture, Roland Emmerich, admitted that he has a "love affair" with telling end of the world stories, as evident in his previous movies, "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow."

As Emmerich shares about the plot of the 2012 movie, "...we came up with this idea that maybe a global flood would be a great movie because we could do a re-telling of Noah’s Ark, in a modern way...during the course of coming up with the story, we found this phenomenon about 2012, and we incorporated it into our movie..."

In other words, THE GLOBAL DISASTER SCENARIO OF THE 2012 MOVIE IS NOT BASED IN ANY FACTS. As Emmerich clarifies, "We only used the fact that the Mayan calendar ends. That gave us the year." Emmerich said after checking out the range of 2012 books on Amazon, he realized, "...there are so many (theories) that, in a way, you can just create your own." He shares that "2012" was tacked on as a title to his disaster movie because it is something "people believe" and it made the movie seem more "real." re all on as modern society. As he states, "I hope we are not ruining our planet. I really believe that, if we keep going and doing what we are doing, we will not be leaving the planet how it should be, for our kids. That has been going on for generations. And then, we still have these wars going on, and all this energy could go into the environment or other peaceful activities. It’s just very sad to see and read the news, every day, and see what these people are fighting over. It’s like they don’t understand that the clock is ticking."

While Emmerich may be wanting to get our attention to stimulate a change of ways, let us not overlook the bottomline that Fear Sells. There is big money to be made in hyping the closing of the World Age Cycle and exploiting our human vulnerabilities and fear of the unknown. The manifestation of this movie perfectly exemplifies the sickness of greed that has dominated this dying world age.

While it is auspicious that hundreds of millions of people are being notified by this movie that we are closing a vast cycle in 2012, it is critical that we help people look beyond the hollywood-ized disaster versions of this time of prophecy, and seek out authentic sources of meaning. One should be aware of the 2012 websites made just to promote the 2012 film and its fear-based drama, such as the fictional Institute for Human Continuity and its Survival Lottery.

Personally and collectively, we have to be aware that the concepts that we hold about what 2012 might bring do play a part in our shared creative, manifestation process. Simply put, energizing global cataclysm scenarios is ultimately not in service, as it may conjure much more fear and panic in the collective. Rather than being fascinated with the negative fantasies and worst case

scenarios that can happen in the years to come, what if instead we contemplate and direct our attention towards the most positive transformations that could occur, and have already begun, inside of us and in our shared world. What is the highest Vision we can hold for our unfolding human awakening process on this Earth? Let us keep our eye and ears, minds and hearts open during these times, finding a center between the old ways which are dying and the new ways which are emerging.

"What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life."

- His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi