About Bulding Brand You Inc.

The Building Brand You Inc Human Design Center is dedicated to a full immersion into your Human Design experiment. There is nothing more important than making decisions properly.
Founders Message
Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to welcome your participation through our investment strategy , capital model , collaboration cloud , and showcasing

BBYINC is a networked self perpetuating and evolving Global Engagement Platform with a inclusive approach towards the broad agenda of supporting the entire human race to find handholding in their evolutionary journey . We have a participative ownership concept wherein elected governing councils choose the development strategies for engaging the human race itn omeaningful purposes and aalso help them develop and enhance their own life . This also helps the corporate world to engage and outsource their foundation works for prototyping their business models with us for taxless models thus helping them reinvent their own business to better serve the humanity and the planet .

We seek to use our participative financial resources to further our mission in innovative ways, deploying capital through a combination of philanthropic grants, equity, debt and other financial instruments. We also align our endowment investments with our mission, and invest in media partnerships , global platforms and marketing strategies that drive awareness of and investment in the work of our grantees.

Grants are an integral part of our investment strategy. Inspired by best-of-breed venture / angel investors, we employ a flexible, phased approach to grant-making and collaborate with our social entrepreneurs on grant objectives, while allowing them to determine how best to allocate resources to achieve them.

We invite you to join us and build the BRAND YOU with us .
BBYINC Board Of Directors :

  • Mr. Neil
  • Mr. Nevan
BBYINC In Community

The change we seek is institutional and individual responsibility in the neighbourhood in which we thrive. We work toward a world where the institutional responsibility of corporations, governments, foundations and other powerful interests can be upheld through standards for transparency, citizenship ,sustainability, spirituality and personal growth . Good social and environmental citizenship has a place in the global markets and ultimately enhances financial bottom lines. Corporations, governments, and multinational agencies, as well as charitable, religious and educational institutions can engage productively in a market-based economy to enhance universal prosperity, rather than concentrating wealth in the hands of a few stakeholders. Shareholders and constituents can and should hold powerful institutions accountable. Same applies at individual levels also .


Founder created BBY in 1999 to pursue vision of a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. Initially it was SHEHJAR which means BREEZE of TRANSFORMATION in urdu . Led by the Founder , our mission is to drive large scale change by investing in, developing , connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and the innovators who help them solve the world’s most pressing problems. The Brand You Development helps all people to become society’s incubators , creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world for the better. By identifying the people and programs already bringing positive change around the world, we empower them to extend their reach, deepen their impact and fundamentally improve society. The Leadership Development Programs unleash the power of the Latent DNA in each one on the almost 7 bn Humanoids that inhabit this planet .

We are now embarking on a new wave of global transformation . Over the past 12 years, we have worked in depth to study on the nature of our world design and how each one of us has a major role to play in the same . Though we were approached by many donars with millions of dollars as investment funds we refrained till we could firmly establish a model for Global Impact. Technological innovations of the social media enabled us to jump ahead in our visions of creating a brighter future for human communities. In addition to our collaborative grant-making, we partner with global institutions and also support and partner with many pioneers and innovators in the field . As the field has matured and we enter our second decade, we are focusing our strategy. We are developing a deeper understanding of the issue areas where our social entrepreneurs operate so we can apply more resources at critical moments to maximize our collective impact.

Beyond investments and partnerships, we also operate two programs that foster collaboration including the BBY LEADERSHIP FORUM , a premier conference on social entrepreneurship, and BBY Collaboration Cloud, the online community led by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs as listed in our section about us . We also share success stories of social entrepreneurs through partnerships with leading film and broadcast organizations, which help drive public awareness of social entrepreneurship and its potential to address the critical issues of our time.


Immediately you can learn how to make correct decisions based on your inner authority.When you do this you eliminate the anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment you experience when you enter into situations that aren't correct for you.This revealing and deep insight into your true nature brings with it a practical and logical application for being your unique, individual self. You were born with a genetic make-up that is perfect for you. Now you can learn what that is. Everyone has a way of operating in this world successfully. It is a natural by-product of living by your design.

Building Brand You Inc Human Design Center is a dedicated Living Design Community in one of the Earth's most spectacular environments.We offer rooms and a retreat cottage for our Human Design guests. Outward beauty, deep relaxation and vivid awakenings. At our center, your visit to paradise can be an exceptional life-transforming experiment in being you. We specialize in creating an immersion learning environment where a vibrant community becomes the vehicle for actualizing your Human Design. LivingLiving as yourself in such an environment opens extraordinary possibilities.

Not only is this island an astonishingly luscious and beautiful paradise, but we combine its natural beauty with a staff who are dedicated to engaging and honoring your personal Authority during every aspect of your May. This is a place where you can relax and let go and be yourself. It is the optimal environment both for absorbing crucial Human Design information and for the promise of self- discovery it illuminates. We are dedicated to openness, honesty and acceptance in a manner uniquely informed by Human Design. This is what Human Design is all about: radical self-acceptance that also empowers and honors others. It is upon this central core that our community welcomes you as you are broader barn Community and releases you back to the world more highly attuned to yourself.Beyond the attention of our specialized staff, you will interact with our thriving Human Design Community, where people from all walks of life are involved in the experiment of living design both individual and in community. We are pleased to share what i s happening with us and learn about you and your process wherever you are in your journey.LaughingDuring your stay with us you will meet Tobby , our Joyous Fool (58.6), a 6/2 projector. Tobby embodies the wisdom that humor is better than all the religions combine! We will be laughing and crying together as the layers are peeled back and the beauty and magnificence of our authenticity is revealed.

Some of our cast of characters include:

Rex 5/1 Generator - Searching for Inner Truth via Obscurity Martin 1/3 Mental Projector Auntie Spock Kidman 2/5 Generator - Kuan Yin Linda 2/5 Manifesting Generator- Dark and Freaky (don't ask) Erica 3/5 Generator - Leadership thru Anarchy aka Love Will Conquer All Please consider our warm invitation to this watershed experience: to reenter your own life in this most truthful and potent way.ImmersionVacations and immersion programs for those new to Human Design or ongoing HD students. A large resource center stocked with books and audios for lending or purchase. Interaction with our dynamic Living Design community.

Weekly Living Your Design Meetings, ongoing instructional classes, introductory workshops, and private tutoring and coaching.Special events and/or guest lecturers in HD are scheduled every few months from around the world. Human Design Education: Formal course work from Living Your Design onto Rave Cartography through our visiting teacher program. A deep understanding of the needs of your design.Respectful honoring of who you are. Unparalleled hiking, waterfalls, beach relaxation and snorkeling. The opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of the island and your own spirit.This is the Garden Island: you are in for quite a treat.


The cottage is completely self-contained: full kitchen and bath, wireless internet, washer/dryer, queen bed, Jacuzzi tub, BBQ area, supplies for the beach, even a couple of kayaks. House: 2 bedrooms available, desk, high speed connection, washer/dryer, large kitchen available for preparing meals, dining in kitchen or out on lanai. We can have meals prepared (fresh, organic, local produce) for an additional cost, or visitors can cook for themselves or go out to eat (a 10 minute drive into many different restaurants to choose from). A rental car is needed to reach this location. These are available at the airport. Additional ServicesRaw Foods, Flower Essence Healing, Network Chiropractic, NeuroEmotional technique, Massage, Reiki, Qi Kung, Rolfing, Body work, Energy Work and just about any holistic health or shamanistic experience you could imagine is available here .Most services are offered directly by our community members, while the others are available in the larger community and can be arranged for you.